Welcome to Nursery

This term we are exploring the outdoors looking closely at the changes in our garden during Autumn and learning more about different festivals and celebrations. We will be exploring the sounds and colours of Bonfire Night and towards the end of term we will be learning all about Christmas and the story of the Nativity.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The children are learning how to building up relationships with their peers and the adults in the nursery, as well as working hard on how to take turns and share with each other.  We are looking at what it is like to play in a group, making decisions and building on our play ideas together.


Communication and Language

We are working hard at developing children’s listening and attention skills through short focussed activities, which is also supporting children well in beginning to listen to and join in with songs and stories. We have a big focus in nursery to learning new words and then being able to use them in conversation.

Physical Development

At nursery we are exploring with different tools for mark making, for example, paint brushes, chalks and pens, both indoors and outdoors. Children are encouraged to make use of the garden for running, jumping, balancing and climbing.  Children are also learning how to put on and do up their own coats and wellies to go in the garden.

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