School Uniform

Pupils should be dressed neatly and properly, taking pride in their appearance. Our affordable school uniform enables children to identify as part of something bigger than themselves, with a common purpose. All children are expected to wear our full school uniform and all items of clothing must be named. Our school colour is royal blue.
Our branded school jumper and book bag are only available to purchase from the school office.
All other items are generic and plain (non branded options) and can be purchased from most major, local supermarkets.  Although we do sell Castlefield School branded options should parents wish, however it is not essential to have our logo on items such as PE t-shirts or gym bags.
We always have a surplus of unnamed and unclaimed second hand uniform.
If you would prefer to purchase second hand uniform instead (for a minimal donation), please speak tot he office who will assist you.
The following items of uniform can be purchased from the school office.
Price List for School Uniform.
    • Branded school sweatshirts/cardigans - £14.00
    • Branded PE T-shirts - £7.00
    • PE Shorts - £7.00
    • PE Bag - £6.50
    • Branded book bags - £7.00
    • Sun Hats - £7.00
Castlefield School Uniform
  • White shirt or polo-shirt
  • Black or grey skirt or trousers
  • Royal blue school sweatshirt
  • Grey skirt or blue gingham dress for summer
  • White shirt or polo-shirt
  • Black or grey trousers
  • Royal blue school sweatshirt
  • Grey or black shorts for summer
Shoes should be comfortable, practical and suitable for school use. Black flat shoes only. Trainers, boots, high heels and platform shoes are not acceptable as general school shoes.

Our PE kit is a plain kit consisting of:

  • Plain royal blue shorts or navy-blue tracksuit bottoms (plain navy-blue leggings may be worn if they are changed from leggings worn as part of the full school uniform);
  • Plain royal blue crew neck t-shirt;
  • Plain navy-blue tracksuit top, hoodie or sweatshirt;
  • Plain white or black trainers.


Please note, the following will not be acceptable:

  • Branded clothes (e.g. Nike/adidas), except trainers
  • Football kits
  • Clothes in other colours
Plimsolls are optional for indoor PE, and trainers are necessary for outdoor PE. They are also useful as a change of footwear should children get wet on the way to or while at School.
We recognise and respect that some children may wish to wear head coverings for religious or cultural reasons, however this is not part of Castlefield School's prescribed uniform.
If your child chooses to wear a headscarf, it should be of the short fitted, children's style. Plain black, grey or navy blue, no pins and not wrapped around the neck.
Other religious or cultural headwear should be of a children's style.  Plain black, grey or navy blue, no pins.

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