Year 1

Welcome to Year 1
Welcome to Year 1! 
This half term we are learning about animals and next half term we will be taking a trip to Hounslow Urban Farm to support this learning. 
Thank you to all the children and parents who took part in the holiday challenge of decorating eggs. Here are some of the fabulous examples. 
Last term the children had a trip to The Wycombe Museum, where they took part in various workshops and learn what is was like to live in the past. 
They learnt how to do washing using a wash board, a dolly and a mangle as well as playing with old toys and learning about household objects from the past. We had lots of fun! 
The children made a fantastic effort on World Book Day and brought in some of their favourite books. 

In this half term we will be reading stories about animals. The two main books this half term are 'The Ugly Duckling' and 'The Owl Babies' and the children will be writing their own versions of the stories. The children's writing is really improving and we are very proud of their hard work! 


The children will be describing characters, settings and retelling stories. They will be using their phonics to help them sound out new words and remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.  We are using a Talk for Writing approach which means that they children will be acting out a lot of the stories and this helps to develop their writing. 

In maths we will be learning about sharing equally (division) as well as making groups of objects(multiplication). This will then lead into learning about fractions, finding a quarter and a half of a shape or number. We are still consolidating their counting skills forwards and backwards from 100 and also learning their shapes. 
Here are some pictures from our Builders Day. 
We had a fantastic day, building different structures, making our own tipis, colouring castles and learning about different homes around the world. 


In Science we will be learning about animal types and their different features. 


In Topic we are learning about continents and oceans and learning about the animals that live in different places around the world. 


In DT we will be designing and making our own animal habitats. 


In Computing this term we will be recording our own 'talking books' using IPads. Below are some pictures of the children drawing pictures from their chosen book. 

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