Governing Body

Governing Body 
Mrs Abdullah
Mrs Azeem
Mrs Bagley
Mrs Buss
Mr Dimmock (Chair)
      Mrs Malama-Smith (Vice Chair)     
Mr Singh Lall
Mr Swain
Mr Waseem
Governing Body and Committee meetings - dates and attendees

10th December 2020 - FGB

Mr A Dimmock (AD)       Chair

Miss A Abdullah (AA)

Mrs S Azeem (SA)

Mrs W Bagley (WB)

Mr A Kann (AK)    Headteacher

Mr W Khetab (WK)

Mrs M Malama-Smith (MMS)

Mr J Singh Lall (JSL)

Mr J Swain (JS)

Mr D Titman (DT)

30 November 2020 - Curriculum and Pupil Welfare Committee 

Mr Kann (AK)

Mrs Bagley (WB)

Mr Swain (JS)

Mrs Abdullah (AA)

Mr Khetab (WK)

Mrs Azeem (SA)

Ms Wilson (JW)

26th November 2020 - Resources Committee
Mr Kann (AK) – Head
Ms Wilson (JW) – Deputy Head
Mrs Smith (JSm) – Bursar/School Business Manager
Mr Dimmock (AD)
Mr Titman (DT) - Chair
Mr Singhlall (JSi)
Mrs Azeem (SA) - observer

Previous Meetings

FGB - 12/12/19, 2/4/20, 16/7/20

Resources - 5/12/19, 19/3/20, 2/7/20

Curriculum & Welfare - 25/11/19, 23/3/20, 29/6/20

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