We have carefully planned our curriculum to enable all children to develop their knowledge and skills in a sequential and progressive manner, consolidating what has been previously learnt and building on top of this.
Learning has been planned in a 'vertical' and 'horizontal' manner, with recurring themes providing children an existing starting point for what they are learning and giving them a pre-existing knowledge to relate to e.g. Each year in History, children will study an Ancient Civilisation and will cover the same set of key questions.
For each unit of work, children and parents are provided with a Knowledge Organiser. This provides an overview of the most important things that children should know about by the end of the unit (including key facts, images, vocabulary, dates...).
Opportunities for cross curricular learning are woven into the curriculum, with a heavy emphasis on Reading and Oracy skills
The learning in lessons is framed around a key question, with the expectation that children can answer that question by the end of the session.
We design activities for children to demonstrate their skills and knowledge acquisition by planning activities that follow the principles of Bloom's Taxonomy. This enables children to be masters of a subject without the need to me masters of English and Maths.
Greater detail can be found within our Knowledge Organisers arranged by subject and year group. Parents will be emailed the relevant Knowledge Organisers for the their children at the the start of each unit.
If you would like further detail about any aspect of our curriculum (beyond the Knowledge Organisers) please contact the school office (office@castlefield.bucks.sch.uk) and we will be happy to help.

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