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In the Reception Department, we focus on the Early Years Foundation Stage, helping children to develop their personal and social skills alongside developing their confidence and communication skills. The children have access to a wide range of learning experiences across the day to support their learning in Literacy (Reading and Writing) and Maths (Number and Shape, Space and Measure). Our topic work enables us to focus on different aspects of Understanding of the World, helping the children to develop a fascination for the world in which they live.

These are some of the stories that we are reading this half term:
Physical Development:
The children have free access to the large outdoor area. They are able to explore the climbing apparatus to develop their climbing skills and confidence. There is a wide range of small equipment such as bats and balls which help to develop throwing and catching skills. Staff encourage the children to try out new activities to enable them to develop their confidence whilst supporting their physical development.
We have a daily 'Funky Fingers'  session to help develop fine and gross motor skills. This helps the children with their fine motor development and early writing skills.
Communication, Language and Literacy:
The children are supported and encouraged to develop their speaking and listening skills through a variety of activities across the week. We use different stories to help children to develop their imagination, ideas and vocabulary. There are plenty of opportunities to talk about books and stories, enabling children to improve their comprehension whilst developing a love of books and reading.
The children are developing their confidence as speakers, listening to and asking questions of others. A variety of activities are planned to enhance their learning and curiosity. 
This half term we will be focusing on learning all about minibeasts  - naming, describing and talking about their similarities and differences. The children will also be using non-fiction books find out about different bugs and learning to label parts of their bodies. Zoo Lab will be visiting us with some of their more exotic bugs which will be very exciting! 
Much of the work we do in Reception is linked to a story every week . The children have the opportunity to act out the stories with their friends, both indoors and out. 
This half term our topic is 'Stories and Rhymes'. The children will be reading different fairy tales to support their learning in other areas of the EYFS, such as plants and growing. We will be learning all about different characters, scenarios and how stories 'work'. We will be creating simple story maps to help us retell familiar stories as well as writing lists of things to take to Grandma, labelling parts of a plant and keeping a bean diary as our bean seeds grow over the next few weeks. 
The children have a daily phonics session to help them to learn their letter sounds and how to write letters, words and sentences using Ruth Miskin's 'Read, Write , Inc' programme . The children will be learning Set 2 and Set 3 sounds alongside reading 'green' and 'red' words within their class readers each day in phonics.
Mark making and writing are encouraged throughout the department with all children wanting to have a go, displaying their drawings and writing wherever they can.
The children will be learning a different number rhyme each week to further develop their understanding of simple addition and subtraction. We will be reinforcing the recognition of numbers to 20 and beyond, exploring larger numbers and number patterns using a 100-square. 
We will be having a 'Jack and the Beanstalk' Maths Day to investigate a range of mathematical problems, including making a given number, estimating larger quantities, counting in 2's, 5's and 10's, and exploring odd and even numbers. The children will be using a number line and 100-square, counting forwards and backwards to help them with addition and subtraction.
The children will also be revisiting ordinal numbers through our story 'The Enormous Turnip' and will be learning the halves of numbers to 20, linking in with our work on doubling and halving. The children will be encouraged to explain their reasoning, maximising mathematical opportunities throughout the day.
The weekly Maths Challenge gives the children the opportunity to practise what they have been learning at school with you at home. 

Understanding of the World:


This half term through our topic work the children will be learning all about plants and growing seeds - what they need to help them grow and how to respect the plants growing in their environment. The children will be planting their own bean seed to look after, keeping a diary of the changes they observe over time.

We will be looking at different plants, labelling the parts of a plant and learning about plants that we can eat. The children will have the opportunity to do some fruit tasting, trying to guess which fruit it is.  


As we move towards the end of term, the children will start to visit Year 1 in preparation for the move to their new classes in September. Staff from Year 1 will come to meet the children and read stories to them to help to facilitate a smooth transition for everyone. 


The children will continue to visit the ICT suite across the week as 'Computer Captains', further developing their technology skills.

Expressive Arts and Design:
The children will be developing their role play skills and imagination in the Magic Potion lab outside and the Fairy Tale cottage indoors. This will enable them to act out familiar events and experiences with their friends. 
In our creative sessions and throughout the department, the children will have the opportunity to explore activities such as designing and making their own Giant's castle, exploring shades of colours, fruit and vegetable printing and observational drawing. We will also be exploring how to make a rainbow, mixing colours and painting with different tools.
All of these activities help the children to develop their practical skills as well as their creativity and imagination.

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