Year 4

Welcome to Year 4
Veni, Vidi, Vici!
(I came, I saw, I conquered!)
Julius Caesar AD 43 after invading Britain
This term Year Four have visited Verulamium in St Albans. Verulamium was the third largest Roman city in Britain and we were able to see lots of genuine, 2000 year old artefacts from this time. On the day of the trip, South East England was being battered by a tropical storm and we were remarkably lucky not to get any rain at all. Needless to say, our children behaved perfectly and were really interested and enthusiastic about the whole experience.
Prior to this, Year Four was visited by a magician wearing luminous pink tights and matching hat! The magician had brought along a magic box and pupils were invited to look at and describe a selection of items from inside the box. This experience was to encourage children to use their imaginations and creativity to describe in poetic form what they would put inside their own magic boxes.
Thank you to all the parents who attended Target Setting Day with your children and thank you also for your prompt payment for the trip.
Please may we remind parents that orders for hot lunches need to be given to the class teacher, with payment, by first thing Wednesday morning, for lunches the following week. It is not possible for orders to be processed after that time.
Please may we also request that children bring their PE kits to school each week and that all items (PE kit and school uniform) are named.
This term in Maths, we are extending our knowledge of Place Value to include four digit numbers, up to 10,000. We have been making numbers in different ways, as well as ordering, comparing and rounding numbers.
We are now moving on to addition and subtraction, through written column methods and other mental techniques.

In English, we have written imaginative poems based on Kit Wright's The Magic Box. We are now using our increasing knowledge of the Romans to write a narrative story, based on the exciting adventures of Spiro, a rather foolish Roman soldier despatched by Caesar to deliver a message.


In Science we are studying different types of teeth and how they are used by carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Pupils have been learning about how to look after their teeth and avoid unnecessary trips to the dentist! They have been observing the effects of a variety of drinks on egg shells, with seriously disgusting results, and are now learning about the parts of the digestive system. This has included modelling the full digestive process from start to end with zip lock bags, crackers and a pair of tights - probably even more revolting than the egg experiment and thoroughly enjoyed by the children.
We have been enjoying finding out about the Romans in History. We have been learning about the daily lives of Romans in the first half term, including acting out the roles different members of society played and writing a diary as a Roman slave. Our trip to the Verulamium Museum in St Albans has helped to extend our knowledge.
In Geography, we have been learning about different locations in Europe. We have discussed where they are, what their physical features are, what their main landmarks are and how their cultures differ.
In year 4 the children have had the privilege of taking part in swimming lessons every Monday at the Wycombe Leisure Centre.  The children have been split into different groups and each group is led by an experienced swimming instructor.  They have been practising kicking their legs, floating and using their arms correctly.  They are all becoming more confident in the water and are having fun in these lessons.

In PE, Year Four are developing their athletic skills ready for Sports Day. This will be lots of fun, so make sure you come along.

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