Year 4

Welcome to Year 4



It is great to welcome the children back for the summer term which we hope will not be interrupted by any lockdowns! There has been one addition to staffing for this term and we are pleased to welcome Mrs Gill to Year 4 alongside the existing teaching team of Miss Drummond, Miss Lau, Miss Price and Mr Stother, very ably assisted by Miss Surrya, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Trew.

We are pleased to say that swimming has restarted in Year 4! Miss Price’s class have already finished their lessons and Miss Drummond’s will start on Monday 26th April. Once 4D have finished, it will be the turn of 4SL and a letter will be sent out in advance. For the class that is swimming, the second PE lesson will be on Friday. For the non-swimming classes, PE is on Wednesday and Friday.

Homework for maths and English is set on Google Classroom and we expect every child to complete this and turn it in by 8am on the following day. Home reading is also part of homework and this should happen every evening with a parent or carer signing the reading record to be shown in school on the next day. We really do appreciate the support of parents and carers in ensuring that homework is completed on time and to a high standard.

As always, should you wish to contact your child’s class teacher, please email the office and the message will be forwarded. Please try to avoid trying to discuss things at pick-up time, this is not appropriate for two reasons: it is difficult to have discussions while maintaining social distancing; the teacher’s priority at pick-up is ensuring that each child is safely dismissed from school to an adult who we know.  


In the first part of the summer term, we will finish the long journey through fractions which began in early February! We then move to measurement with units on money and time. In the second half term, we explore statistics and shape.

White Rose Maths provide excellent home learning resources that match the topics that we teach in class:

In the second summer half term, the children will take the Government Multiplication Tables Check. We will work on times tables at school, but we would appreciate parents and carers encouraging children to practice these at home on Times Tables Rock Stars.


In writing we will explore our topic of mountains, starting with learning about how volcanoes are formed. This will be set against the backdrop of Pompeii and the catastrophic events surrounding the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD. Children will write diary entries stimulated by an excellent animated sequence recreating the last days of Pompeii. After that, we will move on to information texts and children will create fact files about how mountains are formed.



Our text for the first half term is Wonder by R. J. Palacio. This follows the story of August, a boy with a hereditary facial disfigurement, and his transition from home learning to mainstream schooling. As well as being a fantastically written story, it addresses some key issues regarding inclusion and empathy.


In science we move from states of matter to the closely linked water cycle. Through a series of investigative tasks, children will learn what water is and how the cycle of water evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection is vital for every living thing on Earth.


As mentioned, in summer term one class will be swimming on Monday afternoon. This class will then have a second PE lesson on Wednesday. The non-swimming classes will have PE on Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday PE for the first half term is outdoor adventurous activities and Friday PE is cricket. Please ensure that children have appropriate PE kit in school for each activity.


The unit of work for the first half term is collaborative learning. Using Google Workspace, children will work together in groups on a single document. They will learn the skills and etiquette required to contribute effectively to a single document each from their own computer. They apply this skill to text documents (Google document), spreadsheets (Google sheets) and presentations (Google slides).

Religious Education

In Religious education we look at key people in different religions. This takes the form of identifying church leaders as well as looking at important people within a religion, usually those detailed within scriptures. The unit focusses on Christianity and Hinduism, but we will expand discussion to include a range of other faiths.


At the end of spring term, Year 4 spent a fantastic morning with the Chiltern Rangers. We are planning to team-up with them again in summer term to explore the scientifically important chalk stream environment of Desborough Park. We will keep you informed when dates are finalised.

Parents' Meeting
If you were unable to attend the parents' meeting for Year 4 this year, please find the slides from the meeting attached below to read at your leisure.

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