Year 4

Welcome to Year 4
An African Adventure
This term, the pupils have been learning all about Africa, its wildlife, its culture and its landscapes. They have been visited by Cheikh, a Sengalese storyteller who taught them some riveting rhythms and dynamic dances, which they performed to the beat of a djembe drum.
This term in Maths, we are extending our knowledge of Place Value to include four digit numbers, up to 10,000. We have been making numbers in different ways, as well as ordering, comparing and rounding numbers. The children have been using plenty of resources to represent their learning physically, including blocks, counters and number lines.
We are now moving on to addition and subtraction, through written column methods and other mental techniques.


In English, we are writing stories about Anansi. This cheeky trickster likes nothing better than to get into trouble with the other animals in the African savannah. As a result, he is always plotting a new way to trick them, with hilarious consequences! The pupils will be planning and writing their own Anansi story, with an ingenious trick to fool the animals.

Anansi stories are famous African folk tales and can be found online or in many book stores if you would like to read more of them at home.


In Science we are learning how sound is created and altered through a variety of experiments. For example, we will be using rice to demonstrate soundwaves visually; we will create musical instruments out of straws and we will use a loudness meter to measure the sound insulation of different materials.
We have been enjoying finding out about the Romans in History. We have been learning about the daily lives of Romans, as well as the fierce soldiers who expanded the Roman Empire over hundreds of years. As historians, the children have been investigating artefacts and researching leaders to discover why this was such as fascinating period in history.
Swimming and PE
In Year 4, the children have had the privilege of taking part in swimming lessons every Monday at the Wycombe Leisure Centre.  The children have been split into different groups and each group is led by an experienced swimming instructor.  They have been practising kicking their legs, floating and using their arms correctly. This term, it is 4SP and 4Y's turn.
Please may we also request that children bring their PE kits to school each week and that all items (PE kit and school uniform) are named. Year 4 have PE lessons on Wednesdays.
Parents' Meeting
If you were unable to attend the parents' meeting for Year 4 this year, please find the slides from the meeting attached below to read at your leisure.

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