Year 4

Welcome to Year 4



We would like to welcome all of the children (and parents or carers!) back to school and also to Year 4. Given the ongoing COVID-19 situation, school life will be a little different for the foreseeable future, however all the staff at Castlefield will attempt to make things as normal as possible, but our priority is keeping the children safe.


Following the closure of schools as part of lock-down in March, we will focus much of our effort this term on ensuring that we cover any missed learning in the main subject areas. Inevitably, we are playing ‘catch-up’, particularly in key subjects like maths, writing and reading. However, we will still be teaching an exciting and interesting curriculum and our Topic – The Romans – will be woven into our main subject teaching.

The Romans.
We will attempt to answer the question: what have the Romans ever done for us?
The Romans built an empire that stretched from the North Africa and included much of Europe, Including England. When they invaded Britain they brought with them technologies and a way of life that was far beyond anything previously seen by the Britons. The Romans introduced the Britons to many things including: sanitation and toilets; straight, strong roads that were passable in all weather; fast food sold in street markets; a system of money with coins similar to ours today; architecture including great public baths, forts and even aqueducts; and a new calendar. However, they were also brutal and used an efficient, ruthless army to maintain their rule and ensure that the ancient Britons did as they were told!
I Year 4, we will learn about many of these things through our writing and reading. We will make Roman shields and mosaics and have a Roman day where children get get a real feel for life in Roman Britain.

This term in Maths, we will complete our work on addition and subtraction using our knowledge of the place value of 4-digit numbers and formal methods of calculation to solve problems.

We will then look at how to calculate the perimeter of shapes, before moving on to multiplication and division for the rest of the term. Learning times tables is really important for this and we encourage children to practise these skills as often as possible using Times Table Rock Stars to make it fun! 




In English, we will be covering most of our fascinating topic – The Romans – while learning techniques to improve our writing, grammar and reading.

To get things started we will look at a poem not linked to Romans called The Magic Box. We will look at the features of the poem before adding some verses of our own in the same style.

The Romans were famous for mosaics and we will study this artform and create our own examples together with writing instructions to ensure that these ancient skills are not lost!

After, we will look at the skill of describing the setting in a story using a Roman-themed narrative. For a change in style, we will look at two very different, but equally important, figures from the time of the Roman invasion of Britain – Julius Caesar and Boudicca. Learning more about these characters and the times in which they lived will allow us to write biographies, detailing their lives.

We will also look at the Roman invasion army, how they lived and why they were such an effective fighting force. Exploring and developing the skill of formal letter writing, we will write a letter of application to join the Roman army.

We will read the wonderful story of Charlotte's Web that tells the tale of an unlikely friendship between a pig and a spider. Arachnophobes beware: we will also be researching spiders as part of our reading!


Homework will be set on Google Classroom. This can be found by typing Google Classroom into any search engine (Google, Safari etc) and then selecting the page to open from the results. All children have a login and password which has been laminated and should be kept at home. We have checked that all children can log-on and use their accounts.

As part of Google Classroom, children have their own Castlefield email address. Children are only able to use these addresses to communicate with other children at Castlefield. These addresses should not work for general email with the ‘outside world’, meaning that children are kept safe. We shall be monitoring threads between children to ensure that all contact is necessary and appropriate.

In the event of another lock-down due to Covid-19 where the children are no longer able to come to school, we will continue to use Google classroom to provide daily streamed lessons to provide continuity of learning.

If you have any problems with your child getting on to Google Classroom to complete homework then please contact the school office to arrange to discuss this with the child’s class teacher.

Swimming and PE

In Year 4, the children take part in swimming lessons every Monday at the Wycombe Leisure Centre. Swimming is an important life skill and can literally save a child’s life. The children are split into different groups and each group is led by an experienced and qualified swimming instructor. At the first session, children’s swimming ability and confidence in the water is assessed. After this, children are placed in the group most appropriate for their swimming experience. The teaching of each group will then focus on increasing the children’s confidence and competence in the water. There will be a number of children who are currently non-swimmers and these children will be introduced to the skills required to become swimmers in a fun, safe and non-threatening environment.

Classes will take it in turns to go swimming and this will start on 21st September. A letter will be sent out to the parents and carers of each class as their turn to swim arrives. This letter will contain further information. Children who are swimming will require a suitable bathing costume (ideally a one-piece costume for girls and swimming trunks/shorts for boys), a towel and a swimming hat (these can be purchased from the school office). If you have any questions regarding swimming then please arrange to discuss these with your child’s class teacher after you have received a letter with details.


Like swimming, PE is split into class groups: those children who are swimming in Term 1 will have a PE session on Friday. Children who are not swimming in Term 1 will have PE on Tuesday and Friday each week.  May we please request that children bring their PE kits to school each week and that all items (PE kit and school uniform) are clearly labelled with the child’s name.

Parents' Meeting
If you were unable to attend the parents' meeting for Year 4 this year, please find the slides from the meeting attached below to read at your leisure.

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