Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Year Five

We hope all children had a great half term holiday and are ready and excited for the new term! As a year group, we are continuing to work hard with the children to fill any gaps that may have been caused during lockdown.

Our topic this half term is Revolution and we have already made a start learning about the interesting world of the Victorian era in our reading lessons. 

May we remind parents that all children are expected to complete their Maths Challenge work every night on Google Classroom, practise their spellings and read every night. Once these have been done and checked, their purple record books need to be signed by an adult.

Mrs Walker, Miss Burrell, Miss Chandler, Miss Rogers, and Mrs Yates



To support our learning, Year 5 will be having one experience this half term.

We will have Victorian Day on Friday 4th December, where the children will come in to school dressed as Victorian children and will get to explore what the time period would be like. 

Please check out the bottom of our page to see photos of these awesome experiences! 


This half term, we will be writing a wide range of genres including biographies, advertisements and newspaper reports. 

We focus on grammar, punctuation and spellings within our daily lessons and the children will be given spellings to learn for a test once a week on a Monday and will have a week to practise them. 

Please encourage your children to complete their daily spelling practice tasks. 


Ways to support your child with English 
It is important to listen to your child read regularly as this develops their oral fluency as well as asking questions about the text they are reading. 
The website below is another way to practise their spellings. 


In Maths,  we are currently studying statistics and exploring the different type of graph and tables. 


This half term, in sports children will be doing football on Monday and in class PE lessons they will be improving their balance and co-ordination skills through the Haka dance on Thursdays Please ensure your child has their PE kits.

Year 5's Magical Potions Day
On Friday 25th September, Year 5 were transported to the magical world of Hogwarts! They were sorted into their houses - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Within their houses, they attended magical lessons which included:
  • Herbology - Planting Mandrakes, these magical creatures can scream so loudly that they can cause any unsuspecting muggles to become unconscious! Be careful!
  • Defence Against The Dark Arts - exploring the magnetic properties of Troll Bogies. 
  • Charms - Practising our "swish and flick" and causing our feather to levitate! 
  • Potions - Creating foaming wizard's brew! 
After all of that learning, we participated in a Quidditch tournament in the afternoon. The games were really close and the rules were quite confusing! However, after all of our matches, the winners were Slytherin! 
Year 5's Viking Day
On Thursday 8th October and Friday 9th October, Year 5 travelled back to 858AD and became Viking settlers. They worked hard for their masters and mistresses and created many different objects including candles, amulets, elf stones and even experimented with Viking medicines! In the afternoon, they returned back to 2020 and became archaeologists. They gently brushed away the soil and discovered real life Viking artefacts!  

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