Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Year Five

Last half term, children became experts on South America and are looking forward to learning more about the Amazon Rainforest.

Before the holidays, the children enjoyed a trip to the Avenue Church and learnt about the Christmas Story. We took part in a quiz and even got to create our own Christmas decoration. 

In October, Year 5 visited RAF Halton and enjoyed a fun-filled day that allowed them to experience a range of activities, including flight simulation, sitting real planes, building and launching paper rockets, other construction activities as well as communicating through hand-held devices using the NATO Code.

Looking forward to this half term, in Science,   5Y will be learning about Forces, 5R will be studying the topic of Circle of Life and 5G will be learning about Materials.  By the end of the year, all classes will have been taught all of the topics.

We will be continuing to have one session of PE outside and one session inside. This half term, with Miss Knox, we will be participating in Dance and during outdoor PE lessons, children will be improving their Rugby skills. Please ensure your child has their PE kits on Monday for outside PE and Thurs (5G and half of 5Y) / Friday (5R and half of 5Y) for PE inside.

May we remind parents that all children are expected to complete their Maths Challenge work every night and read every night. Once these have been done and checked, their purple record books need to be signed by an adult.

Miss Rogers, Mrs Yates, Mrs Gill


In the Spring term, we will be studying multiplication, division and fractions.

Please ensure your children complete their daily Maths Challenge and sign their purple record book.


Having already written a range of text based on our exciting experiences from Greek Day and our trip to RAF  Halton, this half term we will be writing narratives, descriptions, instructions and poetry based on our trip to Mop End.

We continue to have a Grammar or Punctuation lesson once a week. Children will be given spellings to learn for a test once a week. 



In Science,   5Y will be learning about everyday materials, 5R will be studying the topic of forces and 5G will be learning about the circle of life.  By the end of the year, all classes will have been taught all of the topics.


This half term, our topic is the Amazon Rainforest and children will be looking closely into the rainforest location, layers, climate, animals and tribes. The children will use Virtual Reality to take them into the heart of a rainforest and develop their learning. 


Year Five will be learning Tag Rugby during Games lessons and developing their Dance techniques with Miss Knox. 

Mop End Trip
Year 5 had an amazing time at Mop End. The enjoyed exploring the wonderful outdoors and gaining extraordinary experience. 
Children got to create their own shelter, in groups, out of natural resources. Not only did they have to be strong, but waterproof too! Unfortunately, some of us got wet! The day was full of outdoor adventure and included a woodland trail, insect hunt (which was then used to create models of) and we even played an interesting game blindfolded! Friends were trusted to walk us over to a tree and back so that we could then guess which tree it was. 
Below are some pictures from our day out!
Science Afternoon

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