Whilst there should be time for children to relax and enjoy other activities, we feel that homework is a valuable and necessary element for improving learning skills and encouraging children to take responsibility for their own work.
Home learning is set and submitted through Google Classroom.
Homework will be appropriate to the age and stage of development of the child and will build on concepts already introduced.
We run a weekly Reading and Maths Challenge.  This involves all pupils in Reception to Year 6 and expects children to 
  • Read for 15-20 minutes each day
  • Complete their daily maths challenge
Children should also be practising spelling patterns and times tables.
In Year 6, set homework is compulsory as a preparation for Secondary education. It will relate to the learning which has been done in class, either extending or reinforcing areas of learning.
Each half term a Key Stage newsletter is sent to parents outlining topics which will be studied. Why not research one of these at the Community Library? We also send home a holiday project for you to get involved in with your children. We hope you enjoy the challenge!
The support and interest of parents is a tremendous encouragement to the children and we find it of great value. Whatever the task, your child will need time and a quiet place to work.

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