Welcome to Nursery
Nursery is the the start of the Early Years Foundation Stage at Castlefield School. We have separate provision for 2-3 year olds and 3-4 year olds, with opportunities for all of the children to join together for play in our outdoor area, as well as during adult led sessions at different times throughout the year.
We focus on supporting children to develop their language, communication skills, and social skills in particular though a range of child initiated learning experiences, supported by a team of Early Years specialist practitioners.
Personal, Social & Emotional Development
Supporting children to increase in confidence, become more independent and regulate their emotions is an ongoing focus throughout the Nursery year. 
This half term we are working towards developing our peer play following an extended period of being at home. We are getting used to some new routines and becoming more confident at trying out new ideas and setting ourselves challenges.
Understanding the World
We have been finding out about the world around us and living things by investigating vegetables using our senses in a range of learning areas and growing flowers and vegetables from seeds.
We are learning how to take care of our seeds and are being patient as we watch them grow. The children have talked about which vegetables they like to eat and we are excited about using fruit and vegetables to carry out some cooking activities soon!
Developing writing skills
Writing in the Early Years is a whole body experience. Children need to develop their large muscles through large movements such as climbing, swinging, pushing and pulling.
Smaller movements using the hands and fingers develop the muscles needed for using pens and pencils. Activities such as threading and playing with playdough are good ways to strengthen these.
You can support your child to develop their skills with pens and pencils by giving them lots of opportunities to draw.
Making patterns using lines, circles and zig zags will help develop letter formation.
Supporting your child's learning at home
Carrying out fun daily activities with familiar adults is the best way to help your child continue their learning at home. Reading stories and singing songs together are perfect for developing language and imaginative skills. Below are links to additional websites with lots of ideas and videos to help you and your child.
 'What to Expect When'- A guide to child development with ideas on supporting your child's learning at home.

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