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In the Reception Department, we focus on the Early Years Foundation Stage, helping children to develop their personal and social skills alongside developing their confidence and communication skills. The children have access to a wide range of learning experiences across the day to support their learning in Literacy (Reading and Writing) and Maths (Number and Shape, Space and Measure). Our topic work enables us to focus on different aspects of Understanding of the World, helping the children to develop a fascination for the world in which they live.

These are some of the stories that we are reading this half term:
Physical Development:
The children have free access the large outside area to help them to develop their climbing skills as well as using different small equipment such as bats and balls. They are encouraged to develop their confidence in trying out new activities.
Our daily 'Funky Fingers'  session helps develop fine and gross motor skills. This helps the children with their early mark making and writing skills.
Communication, Language and Literacy:
The children are supported and encouraged to develop their speaking and listening skills through a variety of activities across the week.
They are developing their confidence to talk about what they are doing and ask questions of their friends.
We use different stories to help children to develop their imagination, ideas and vocabulary. 
Much of the work we do in Reception is linked to a story every week . This half term we are looking at stories with repeated patterns and refrains for the children to listen to and join in with. The children have lots of opportunities to act out the stories using puppets and masks, both indoors and out.
The children are learning Phase 3 letter sounds in phonics, learning how to write the letters for each sound. This half term we are going to be exploring the sounds within words, encouraging the children to use their phonics to write simple words and captions on their own.
Mark making and writing are encouraged throughout the department with all children wanting to have a go, displaying their drawings and writing wherever they can.
The children are learning a different number rhyme each week to help with recognising numbers to 10 and beyond, exploring the concept of addition and subtraction in a practical way. 
We will exploring capacity, weight and length this half term, introducing the use of non-standard units for measuring. The children will also be exploring following and giving directions whilst making maps to find bears on our bear hunt. They will be using 3D shapes to create rockets.   
The children will be given the opportunity to explore number problems within the department to help to further develop basic skills and their understanding of number.

Understanding of the World:


This half term our topic is on 'Bears'. The children will be learning about different types of bears and where they come from. They will be describing similarities and differences. We will be following instructions to make porridge and tasting different flavours find our favourite.


We are also going to have a mini topic on 'Journeys' before half term which will enable the children to explore different modes of transport . The children will be learning about space, designing and making their own rockets and aliens. 


The children will be learning all about Chinese New Year, learning about how people celebrate the festival through a variety of creative activities.


The children will be visiting the ICT suite every week to explore using Colour Magic whilst developing their mouse skills.




Expressive Arts and Design:
The children are able to develop their role play skills and imagination in the Post Office and the café outside, enabling them to act out familiar events and experiences. We will be making a bear den and setting up a Chinese Take away when we learn about Chinese New Year.
In our creative sessions and throughout the department the children will have the opportunity to explore activities such as making movable bears, making a chair for Baby Bear, bear patterns, simple maps and exploring different textures. 
All of these activities help the children to develop their practical skills as well as their creativity and imagination.
Stay and Play:
Come and join us on a Friday morning until 9.20 a.m. to explore different activities with your child and find out what we have been learning about.

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