Welcome to Nursery

This term we have been learning about the natural environment around us. We have been planting seeds and looking after plants in the garden, as well as going on bug hunts to find what creatures live alongside us.

This term we invite parents of our three year old children to stay and play with us on a Friday morning. We love showing everyone what we have been doing at nursery!

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The children are building up relationships with other people and are developing an understanding of other people’s needs and feelings. They have lots of opportunities each day to take turns and share toys with their friends and to explore exciting new experiences.

Communication and Language

The children are learning lots of new words and becoign more confident in speaking to other people at nursery. There are always opportunities to talk and the experiences on offer are encouraging the children to make connections and talk about things they have seen or done at home. 

Physical Development

At nursery the children have had opportunities to explore lots of creative activities such as painting, printing, and playing with playdough. These activities are helping to develop the muscles in their shoulders, arms and hands. They enjoy spending time in the garden taking on physical challanges, for example, climbing to the top of the climbing frame and are being supported to becoming more independent in their self care.

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