Year Two

During half term the children have been very busy creating under water worlds.
In our History lessons the children have been learning about the history of Booker Airfield. They have found out that during World War Two pilots learned to fly Tiger Moth planes at the airfield. They have learned about Tiger Moths and have created labelled diagrams.
Booker Airfield also has a gliding club. The children have learned what it is like to fly in a glider and have written recounts about the experience.
In our history lesson the children learned that Booker Airfield was used for many different things. One of these things was a filming location for the film 'Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines'. The children have created posters to advertise the film.
Year 2 have been enjoying the story of 'Whale's Canoe'. It is a folktale from Australia. The children have been learning about the different animals that live in Australia and have enjoyed creating their own kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles.

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