Year Three

In History this week, the children have been looking at Egyptian mummification and were describing the mummification process. Some of the children even carried out their own mummifications!
In English, the children have been retelling the story of Egyptian Cinderella. Here are some of their fantastic stories. 
In Reading this week, we have begun reading the story, 'Sabre-tooth Sandwich'. The children have written lovely descriptions of some of the characters in the story. 
This week in English, the children have been writing character descriptions of the Pharaoh. Read some of their fantastic descriptions below. 
Year 3 have been busy in Science this week! The children have been investigating whether magnets can attract objects through non-magnetic materials. Look at some of their fabulous work!
In English this week the children have been writing Tutankhamun's biographies. Have a read below of some of their fantastic work. 
Year 3 have created lots of amazing art in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. They have drawn sunflowers and the starry night. Children have also used different styles of art to create paintings.

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