Year 2 Flight day

1st November 2020

Year 2 Flight Day
The children enjoyed a day all about flight. They learned about important events in the history of flight such as: The first hot air balloon flight, the first aeroplane flight and the first man on the moon. They then created a timeline to show the order these events happened in.
The children also found out about gliders and parachutes. They planned and carried out experiments to test which shape paper aeroplane flies the furthest and which materials makes the best parachute.
What shape of paper aeroplane flies the furthest?
The learned about gliders and how they fly without an engine. They then made paper aeroplanes and carried out an experiment to find out which design flew the furthest.
What material makes the best parachute?
The children learned about parachutes. They made parachutes out of different materials and then tested which one was the slowest to reach the ground when dropped. They found out that the plastic bag made the best parachute because it took the longest to fall.

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