Pizza Day in Year 4

1st November 2021

Year 4 have been comparing High Wycombe and Rome as their Geography topic, so in Design and Technology we looked at pizzas!
We started with researching pizza and pizza packaging before spending some time learning about what makes a balanced diet. Armed with this research, the children then designed their own healthy pizza and a box to carry it. Logos were created, slogans written and carboard was cut, folded and strengthened!
After boxes the were made, it was time to move on to food preparation techniques. The children learnt about the importance of food hygiene and also how to safely cut and grate ingredients for the pizzas.
When everything was ready, the pizza bases were covered with tomato sauce and cheese before the children added the toppings they had chosen during their planning sessions.
The ovens were kept busy as pizzas were baked before the all-important tasting session!
The final activity was to evaluate both their pizza and box against their original design specification - most pizzas received 10 stars! 

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