Clubs & Activities

We consider out of School activities to be very important and have a number of clubs that take place during lunch-hours and after School. After School activities require written permission from the Parent/Guardian who must undertake to collect their child at the appropriate time.

A wide variety of clubs can be offered according to availability and interests of the staff.

The pupils are notified when clubs are due to take place.


Breakfast Club

Children are welcome to attend our breakfast club every school morning, in Laburnam Hall.  The door opens at 8.00am and each session costs 75p.


After School Club 

After School club started on 23rd April 2014. This is becoming very popular with the children and parents. The cost is £3.00 per hour or £5.00 for two hours. We may be able to assist parents with more than one child if interested. Please contact the office for more details.



Once again the Castlefield Choir are preparing for some wintery fundraising.  We look forward to bringing smiles and good cheer to as many people as we can.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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